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It’s no secret that my favourite pub food is the Scotch egg.

There is a possibly apocryphal rumour that the Scotch egg was so named as an insult to Scottish people (much the same as Welsh rarebit was a supposed slap in the face for Welsh people).

If this is the case then it’s backfired a bit, as Scotch eggs are the prince of finger food – truly, god’s globes made flesh in the culinary world.

To take you through how to make these delights, here’s Keef Williamson:

This recipe and many more besides are available on Keef’s site, Keef Cooks.

When he’s not creating fine things in the kitchen, Keef also writes – you can check out his time-travelling caper novel, Tybalt and Theo, right here, or here if you’re in the United States.