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“Excuse me, I was just passing through the area and I wondered if you’d be interested in… excuse… excuse me… no, wait!”

The Sullen Dead Cover

This is the “lead single” off my forthcoming horror story collection. It has a good 6,000 words in it. It’ll cost you a little bit more than two bob but less than a pound.

As the title suggests, it’s about zombies, but also an equally dead relationship.

It also has headshots, gore and grue, if that’s your thing. But I like to think I’ve put my own sticky handprint on the genre.

The book is approaching soon. It will be called Shadow Plays.

Here’s where you can buy the UK version of The Sullen Dead.

and the US version is right here.

Hey, if you’re in France, Germany, the Netherlands or wherever, there’s a version to suit you, too.

Please read generously. It’d be lovely if you left a review, especially if you liked it (or even if you hated it. Hey, I know it’s a cruel world).