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It’s like WikiLeaks, but less exciting, though perhaps better edited. Here’s the latest tranche of short stories: Flying Dreams.


Freedom is a – (c) Lauren Pollock Illustrations

From my own Post Script:

This was a book born of desperation.

“Yeah mate, we can see that.”

No, really, it was. I was stuck at work doing awful shifts… week after week of them, mind-numbing, ball-aching, soul-draining stuff. When I came home I had very little energy to do anything, let alone write.

My only salvation during this period was a 30-minute lunch break, which I mostly used to muck around on the net.

But one day, the fightback started.

I asked myself: “Why don’t I use that 30 minutes to pump out flash fiction?”

I replied: “Why not?”

So I did. I was surprised by how easily it happened; five days, five stories, about 5,000 words. That’s how Flying Dreams began.

Not all of these tales count as flash fiction, although the longest is about 5,000 words if that. Some were always destined to be longer, some are just right as they are.

The guiding principle behind them all was escape, freedom, release – the things that make us smile after we’ve dreamt of them. Or a place we might drift to when the gears of life start grinding.

You will see some themes linking these stories, but they are all individuals.

“What, even me?”

Yes, you especially.

Copyright (c) Pat Black 2016