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Rock, paper, fissures

Another story from the mothballed one-story-per-day project, 365. Imagine, if you will, I wrote this in my own hand, and you could only make out one word in five.

Full disclosure: I love Top Trumps 

Dear Rebecca,

I hope this finds you well. Please find enclosed a pack of Magic Dragon Cards.

You’re a grown woman with children of your own, and a pack of Magic Dragon Cards may not quite be what you’re expecting so soon after Christmas. But bear with me.

I hope you’ll remember Magic Dragon Cards. The first time I encountered them was when I came down to visit your mum and dad, whoah… 20 years ago now. More? Yeah it would be more. You must have been around five or six years old. It was for some big event or other – maybe a family barbecue, one of the few our family had after your granddad died. I was about seventeen, and maybe a bit old for silly games, but I remember all the young ones sat and played Magic Dragon Cards.

It was great fun. I even recalled the characters on the cards: the Great Green Dragon, which you could only beat with the Fire Giant’s superior magic powers, or the Skeleton Warrior’s weaponry attributes. We played it for hours!

Maybe it’s all tied in with the fun we had; this is the party of the Karaoke machine, and your uncle Martin tripping on the bench in the breakfast bar during “Blue Velvet” and knocking the urn off your mum’s shelf.

Or… maybe it’s tied in with the journey I made. I was given a lift down by a girl at college I was quite keen on, who was heading home for the Easter holidays. It was a big deal at the time; we were driving through all this woodland, the sun was making its way back around to our half of the earth, the trees and flowers were coming back to life… It’s funny how we associate physical objects, mere things, with the simple emotion of happiness!

And then there was the journey back home with your Uncle Brian, just me and him in the car. There was a terrible storm on the way; it felt like we’d gone into a fantasy realm, battered with rain, too thick to see out the windscreen. We crawled down that motorway for miles. We could see cars on the sides of the road, some of them up against the crash barriers; people had just lost control, and stayed where they stopped. Talk about otherworldly!

They don’t make Magic Dragon Cards anymore, of course, but I never forgot them, nor the fun we had. After internet auction sites came into being, I started looking for my own pack. I was unlucky for a while. Every time they popped up, I was maybe too late, or was outbid at the last minute. It took years, but finally, a full pack appeared online. I bid for them, for the princely sum of £4.99, and was successful.

I finally had the pack… And I enjoyed the memories. To tell you the truth, there have been a few drunken hands of Magic Dragon Cards played after the pub some nights.

But then it struck me – surely you’d want them? They must be as much a part of your memories as mine. And I know the twins will appreciate Magic Dragon Cards, I just know it.

So here they are – from me to you guys, with much love,

Uncle Dom


Dear Uncle Dom,

Thank you so much for the Magic Dragon Cards…

You bought them from me!

Bex (aka “dragonspirit@lexical.com”)